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About Ruijie OEM&ODM Business

Ruijie OEM&ODM Business As a global OEM and ODM supplier with many years of experience, we provide network products based on our accumulated know-how. Our innovative products, flexible customized R&D capabilities and responsiveness, and appropriate offerings enable us to provide high business value products to our customers.

Ruijie Networks is an ICT industry leader and OEM service provider with a complete line of networking equipment, enabling customers to unify the branding of their networking products such as routers, switches, wireless, and security.

Currently, we have established Ruijie OEM&ODM business in 11 countries around the world, serving a total of 120+ customers worldwide.

  • Local teams in 5 regions
  • Business in 11 countries
  • Serving a total of 120+ customers

Ruijie OEM&ODM Business

We can help you build long term strategic cooperation with Ruijie. Not only one single order nor not only one single project but to develop your business together with Ruijie. Include but not limited to OEM, ODM, JDM . Your success is our success.

  • Standard OEM/ODM Service

    1.Standard Customized Product:

    Provide basic customized service(Vendor Info Replace), include:

    Software Customization(include WEB and CLI interface)

    Product Info: Customized Product Name OUI Private Enterprise Product OID for SNMP

    Hardware Customization

    Panel Packing PVC Manual Label Power Cord

    2. White Labeling Product:

    With neutral manufacturer information, include:

    Software Customization

    If need, we can provide the customized software

    Hardware Customization

    Customers can design their own panels, PVC, and labels for assembly

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  • Solution Based ODM Service

    To provide advanced hardware or software customization based your scenarios and requirements which could even create almost new products or help you rebuild your own solution in different industries.

    Hardware advanced Customization:

    Panel/Shell Color

    PCB Redesign

    Panel/Shell Outlook Structure Retool

    Product interface type design

    FAN/DDR/FLASH/Memory Upgrade &Replace

    Wireless antenna pattern design

    Software advanced Customization:

    Customized Ul

    Compliance Certification

    Customized Development on Software Features


    Solution Co-development

    Loading the Third-party Platforms of Partners

    Standard Co- development


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  • JDM Service

    To provide joint develop manufacture based on both your and Ruijie's product hardware design.Ruijie's quality and experience will be the guarantee of your product market performance.


    Joint design and development with customers.


    Customer's own software module development and implant into RGOS

    Ruijie provide assistance to customer's own srunning on Ruijie's hardware and base

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Why Ruijie

  • Manufacture
  • Quality Control
  • Customized R&D
  • Supply Chain
  • 23 independent production lines to meet manufacturing requirements for various high-quality products

  • Main Chip assembly capabilities

  • key connector manufacturing capabilities

Manufacturing quality control
Superior Quality & Quality Management System

Ruijie continues to implement the long-term strategy of "excellent quality" and has built the company's quality management system in an all-round way, including quality operation, supervision and improvement mechanism based on process management.

  • SO9001
    Quality Management
    System Certificate
  • SO27001
    Information Security
    Management System
  • TL9000
    Quality Management System
    for the Telecom Industry
  • SO20000
    IT Service Management
    System Certificate
  • QC080000
    Hazardous Substance
    Process Management
    System Certificate

Deeply Immersed into Customers’ Scenarios, develop customized products creatively to help OEM&ODM customers to achieve market breakthrough and increase market share. And through customized development for customers to increase patents in the local market to form a competitive advantage.

  • Strong R&D capabilities and solid IPD development process
    ensure a continuous stream of innovation

    • Contnuous investment in R&D over15%
    • R&D engineer proportion above55%
    • 7R&D centers
    • Advanced R8D management system ensures mature operation of the IPDsystem
  • Deeply Engaged in Scenarios and Customized R&D Solution

    • Deeply Immersed into Customers’ Scenarios&Customized Requirements
    • Offer Customized R&D Solution Simplicity
Profound Supply Chain Resources
Deep and extensive cooperation with industry’s leading suppliers.

Regarding main chips, CPU, storage, connectors, fans, and other core components.Ruijie’s highly recognized as the tire 1 client by core strategic suppliers to ensure product supply and R&D innovation.

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Products we serve

Successful Cases

  • Ruijie working with AA company in AA-cloud
  • E company JDM Success Stories
  • Background

    AA-Cloud is a set of open environment with private cloud, cloud-native, multi-cloud management and intelligent operation and maintenance provided by AA company, a top global IT product and solution provider, for customers in healthcare, finance, government and enterprises.

    AA-Cloud manages servers, storage, data center switches, routers, firewalls through a management platform to unify the management of business resources, enabling the configuration submission, the collaborative scheduling of computing, storage and network resources, and the efficient execution of business.

  • Solution

    The connection between network products and the cloud management platform is achieved through the northbound API and corresponding development of the entire range of network products.

    Involving the entire range of data center switches, routers and firewalls.

    lS6250 Full 10G DCN Switch, N18006-X 100G DCN Switch

    lRG-RSR7708-X High-level Router

    lRG-WALL 1600-X8600 10G Firewall

  • Benefits

    The docked cloud management platform can synchronise the provisioning of network resources required for the aforementioned computing behaviours through the tasking of computing and storage resources, thereby fully automating the issuance of relevant configurations and policies for the corresponding network devices and realizing the integration and intelligence of external cloud services.

  • Background

    Company E is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of lighting and household equipment, whose products have a market share of more than 95% in the country. At the end of 2020, it released an IOT home solution consisting of various home end points such as air conditioners, curtains, purifiers, solar energy, sensors and mobile APP total control. In 2021, in order to further enhance its solution, add IP products to ensure the integrity from end point to transmission and control, it initiated and completed the cooperation with Ruijie. The products of this cooperation mainly cover buildings under the X Life Alliance established by 5 leading real estate companies in the country.

  • Solution

    The close cooperation between the two parties has developed a new form of embedded wall AP product for the Japanese market in the form of JDM. The products fully meet the strict requirements of E company in terms of strict software and hardware specifications, design requirements, and production quality.

    In conjunction with E company, Ruijie developed an APP solution for AP control, allowing users to easily monitor and manage all network devices in the home.

  • Benefits

    High-quality design and strict quality management meet E company's demands for long service life of equipment.

    First two-link structure design in this country perfectly fits the appearance concept of E company's ADVANCE series.

    Our extensive wireless R&D experience empowers our clients to build product concepts and implement them to perfection.

    In-depth user scenario, to meet the customer‘s demand for home scenario. For example, the linkage between AP and the APP; the unique design of the installation and maintenance model, etc.

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